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Why should you hire a photographer to capture your baby's birth?

Having had 2 of my own kids, I know how special that moment is, I regret not hiring a photographer for my births that I know and trust, those precious moments pass so quickly and before you know it, they're NOT all new and squishy. I understand you could be nervous, I mean, do you really need another pair of eyes seeing your bits. Knowing I'm a Mom and that i've photographed many births should give you some comfort and if you're a first time Mom, once you're in the delivery room, trust me, you don't care who see's your fabulous Va-Jay Jay!

What is birth photography? No, it's not just me taking photographs of your private area. First and foremost, it’s art. Your photographs will be captured in a documentary or candid style, different from your usual family portraits. Your images will be truthful, artistic, emotional, story-telling images.  The photographs can be as graphic as you wish. I will never share images you don't want to share with the world.

Do you take pictures of the whole labor and birth?  I start taking photos from the time I arrive at the hospital, clinic or your home.

Caercerian - I try not take while they are prepping you. I follow the rules set my the hospital and the doctor, I will not take photos of any of the staff and equipment. In fact, I try be invisible.

Will you post the photos on the internet? I will never post anything you don't want me to.

Will we meet before the birth? It's entirely up to you, we can definitely meet for a coffee!

When do you show up? How long will you stay? Caercerian - I usually show up about 30 minutes before you're wheeled into theatre, I stay with you until I feel its time to give you, your partner and your new baby some space.

Natural - I usually ask to get called when you are 6cm dilated, with natural birth you can't really put a time limit, could be 2 hours, could be 10.

What if I have a short labor, will I get any of my money back? No, this is a set rate. The birthing session includes; my time for being “on-call” 24/7 for two weeks, travel expenses, small business expenses, child care expenses, insurance costs, my time spent editing each of your images.

What if you miss the birth? It is possible. I do promise to make every arrangement possible so that i'm available for you. However, I do have a career that is unpredictable at times. Having said that, if for some reason i'm unable to attend your birth I will make every effort to send a qualified birth photographer to replace me.

When should I book you? As soon as you decide to have your birth photographed. The sooner the better!

Do you use a flash?  What if I want my birth dark? No, I use the light that is available to me. If your room is very dark, we may obviously have to make some sort of adjustment to avoid having dark, poor images. However, I am experienced in shooting in low light environments and will do my best not to disturb you. 

How many photographs will I get? I take as many images as possible. This number varies greatly from birth to birth. It can be anywhere from 60 to 80 images.

How long will it take to get my photographs?  I will provide “sneak peaks” to you as soon as possible. These photos are also posted on my Facebook page (with your permission). This usually happens within 24 hours, the rest will follow in 10 working days.

Will they be color or black and white? This all depends on how graphic the images are, most births are in black and white but I love to add some colour here and there.

I love the emotion in this image, Sam holding her baby for the first time.

Here are 6 reasons to hire a professional birth photographer:

1 -You Forget. Depending on what kind of birth you have, you forget, sometimes it happens so fast or you're on drugs, its all a blur.

2- Babies change so quickly. They can come out of the womb and look incredibly different an hour later (Birth is a whirl wind, by the time your partner has a chance to pick up the camera their head shape has already changed, feet have stretched out, that crooked nose has already slightly straightened etc.)

3 - Partners should be in the photos not taking the photos. Birth can be an emotional roller coaster (for your partner too!) and he/she shouldn't have to worry about handling a camera during labour delivery and the first couple hours of life. Let him/her support you, enjoy holding his/her baby, and greeting family visitors! I have even had a Dad faint in the Delivery Room, so rather take the pressure off!

4 - The emotion and expression experienced during a birth is priceless! How amazing to be able to look back at the expression you had when you met your child for the first time, and their expression when they met you. Birth is full of real emotion that you will likely never have the chance to get in other photo sessions. The smiles are real. The tears are real. The exhaustion is real. The love is real!

5- Quality Crisp Images. If you tried to take photos in a darkened birth room, you would likely need to use a flash with your camera, but birth photographers have proper equipment and lenses to be able to take crisp photos in low light without a flash, and that's important when dealing with a newborn's sensitive eyes.

6 - The Value of Beautiful Images. People don't bat an eye at booking a maternity or newborn photo session... but why not value the moment the baby actually enters this world? Personally I think it's nice to have newborn shots, but of all the photos I look at often, they usually of my kids in hospital. If money is an issue and you have to chose between hiring a photographer for maternity/ newborn pictures or birth pictures, please pick birth! Birthing is one of the most important journey's in one's life, and to have the story captured on film from beginning to end is special.

Some Client Feedback:

"Tammy captured every moment and emotion involved in the birth of our son with such calm, love and professionalism. I am astounded every time I look at our photos and I will be forever grateful that she was there to preserve these memories for us. Thank you Tam, you’re a true artist." - Rebecca Ferreira

"Tammy is brilliant... Her passion is visible in every photo! Thank you for being part of our special journey, we were so blessed to have you with us!" - Judy La Grange

"Having a baby is one of the most incredible moments in a person's life. Time seems to move so slowly yet so quickly all at the same time. However, Tammy was able to capture each and every one of those moments in such a natural and effortless way. I have the most beautiful memories captured forever and I couldn't be more happy! I DEFINITELY suggest using Ruby Bear for all your birth photos." - Keith Viljoen

"Wonderful experience having her photograph the birth of my baby girl ❤️beautiful images despite a change of scenario as I needed an emergency c-section. I have wonderful images of an experience I wouldn’t have remembered due to being stressed with everything that was happening! So grateful!" - Asia Smasia

"Dear Ruby Bear - a heartfelt thank you for capturing one of life’s greatest moments - from a dads perspective, truthfully I was very reluctant to buy into having a photographer present during deeply intimate moments while my child was being born! Looking through these priceless moment captured forever, I cannot thank you enough! You were professional and sincere, yet hardly knew you were there - offering only gentle words of encouragement through the tough patches and snapping away at the best. We will cherish these images forever and cannot thank you enough. God Bless Familia Lopes xxxx" - Jeff Lopes

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