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Neutral & Natural

I feel I need to mention the importance of Neutral colours in photoshoots. Not only does it create a classic natural look that will last until your Grandchildren hold that photo in their hands but it also matches all of South Africa's surroundings.

Complimenting your surroundings is important.

What's funny these siblings didn't plan their look...

The other day I spotted another photographer doing a family photoshoot, the whole family were wearing bright red. Every. Single. Family. Member. CRINGE! Red is a dangerous colour that really affects your skin tones. If you tend to have a more pinky skin, the red is going to enhance that. Neon's, branded tee's...leave them in the cupboard.

Your photographer NEEDS to be advising you on what to wear, it's part of their job.

Patterns: Try avoid big loud patters.

Props: I Do Not Do Props. When I think of props all I can think of is cheesy chalkboards & items you find at a craft shop. It makes me grind me teeth! You can include non-cheesey props such as a neutral blanket, your doggies, wine, beer & even a campfire can be seen as a prop. Hats & scarves are great props, especially if you play with the scarf or hold your hat while walking in some long grass. Avoid watches as it can be distracting in close ups. Men.... leave your cell phones in the car!

At Home Sessions: You don't walk around your house in high heels & a dress? Or closed shoes?

The more skin, the better. Tank tops & jeans or a baggy jersey with your undies, maybe some almost naked shots? Why not? Let's have some fun! Promise I'm no perv! And ALWAYS barefoot!

Here are some ideas I have gathered off Pinterest

Colours & Textures:

(These photos below are not mine, they are purely for inspiration)

At Home Sessions:

(These photos below are not mine, they are purely for inspiration)

I've written a previous blog about What To Wear, you can read it Here.

I hope this gives you some inspo for your next photoshoot!


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